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Mass Brawl is Out!!!

Get it for iOS
Get it for Android


Cerebral Cortex / Gameplay video

You are a thought. A thought to be born.

Termite / Gameplay video

Eat. Breed. Destroy.

Remotion Control / Introduction video

A WiiMote on your mac/iphone.


Game programming tutorials


Full keyboard for your iPhone.

Optical Audio Port Keepalive

Stops audio interrupts, for audiophiles.



Multi-platform, multi-device, multi-resolution ui rendering engine with a lot of interaction and subtle animations

Class-C Programming Language

The object-oriented ANSI C

Class-C Compiler

The compiler for Class C


Simple Mass Point Dynamics Engine

Milenia Grafter

The 64Kbyte flash media server


If He Should Ever Leave You

Tom Jones Cover / Video / 2013

My baby is a werewolf

Video / 2012

Bizarreium : Falling

Album / 2003

Bizarreium : Silenzio

Album / 2001



Casino and web designs


Corben in Stolen Death

2006 / HUN

All Novels

2000-2004 , HUN



Milenia Grafter's last state is uploaded to GitHub. Oldie but goodie!

GameProg game programming tutorials hits the Mac App Store!!!


Cerebral Cortex 1.1 is out for Mac and iOS!!!

I've covered my favorite Tom Jones song, I love it!!!

Class-C on

Class-C on

Class-C on

Class-C hits the streets!!!

Cerebral Cortex for Mac gets in the Best New Games Section!!!

Cerebral Cortex Gameplay video

Cerebral Cortex Mac application is ready!

Optical Audio Port Keepalive Mac application is ready!

Cerebral Cortex iOS application is ready!

GameProg iOS application is out!


Article about Remotion in the regional tabloid newspaper

A song about the hard life of QA engineers and scrum teams

Speaking about Remotion at SzegedTech meetup

Article about DelayKiller

DelayKiller OS X application is out

MemeBox, the hungarian meme jukebox is out

Demo about Remotion in action

Remotion Control is out!!!

Why Did You Hide From Me demo is out!

My baby is a werewolf hits youtube!!!


KwikNote is out!!!

Event Capture prototype for OS X


Interview about Termite on

Revenge AT game prototype for iOS

Terrain Game Prototype for iOS

Article about iOS basics

RSync implementation in Java


For.Me multimedia server system is out

Termite is out

Flash Banners for a banner contest

Objectz prototype for iOS


Milenia Grafter Server 0.8 beta is out!!!


Milenia Ground Physics engine is out!

Milenia Grafter Server beta is out!!!

Article Vector Intersection Calculations on

Article about Flash To Java switch

Article Object Orientation : Creating an ant swarm

Article Creating a Mandelbrot-set on

Article on Low Level AS3

Article on Streaming and database connection with Red5 media server

Article on getting started with Red5 media server

Article Camera Motion controlled ball

Camera Motion Control flash experiment is out

Article on Getting started with actionscript 3

Article on Getting started with actionscript 3


Our first sci-fi movie is out! Watch Corben! :)

Ticker Text Scroller flash experiment is out


Article Projection Plane Based Real 3D on

Nibbles flash game is out

Tetris flash game is out

Shooting Gallery flash game is out

Camera puzzle flash experiment is out

Motion Detector flash experiment is out

Mistify flash experiment is out

The Swarm flash experiment is out

All novels online on


Article Inverse Kinematics on

IKGround game prototype on

Tetrapod V3 is out

Tetrapod V2 is out

Bubble Picture Vapor experiment is out

FlagMachine flash experiment is out

Lightning flash experiment is out

RubberPoints flash experiment is out

SurfaceStress flash experiment is out


Best drawings online

New Bizarreium Album : Falling is out!!!

Bethlehem homepage

De Facto homepage

Personal Homepage 2003

Linux Hours homepage

Neco homepage

PC Service homepage

Sear Bliss V1

Sear Bliss V2

Thy Catafalque homepage


Casino and web designs from designer era

Other designs

Personal Homepage 2002


First flash game : Shooting gallery

Personal Homepage 2001

New Bizarreium Album : Silenzio is out!

Tracker Module Music is out!


Personal Homepage 2000

Tetrapod v1.0

LZW compressor written in C


TMNaptar : Calendar written in Pascal